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This project is an experimental prototype for a Space Exploration Game, the future of witch is yet to be determined.

In this game you pilot a small space craft on a peaceful mission to explore the remnants of a fallen galactic civilization. Your primary task is to broker diplomatic negotiations with the stratified human settlements you find, on behalf of a revolutionary government.

You'll warp between proceduraly generated star systems, exploring and encountering isolated space stations and strange anomalies throughout the galaxy.

The project is not in active development at this time, and will remain free for the foreseeable future. I've decided to move my focuses towards other projects, however I may return to this project one day, especially if enough people voice interest in its development.

Donations are accepted and are a great way to let me know you're invested, but the money generated will likely go towards other projects for the time being.


Mouse: Aim/Turn

W: Boost

S: Slow Down

A & D: Roll

Left Click: Fire Weapon

Right Click: Scan Pulse

LShift: Toggle Free-Look

Enter: Bring up Warp Menu

Alt+H: Hide HUD

Esc: Pause/Settings


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