- Huge Zone Patrol Overhaul! - ADACA Beta 0.14.4

This update primarily features massive improvements and changes to the Zone Patrol mode as well as a fair bit of new content! 

However, there's also been a good amount of bug fixes and polish for the Campaign and new player experience in general.

All and all, its a big one and the change log is not entirely comprehensive; a lot of changes end up getting made and then not properly recorded simply because there's so many and most are very subtle. 

In addition: I'm beginning to be able to nail down a more specific release window, likely July.

And ADACA will also very likely be joining a pretty massive itch.io bundle this June if all goes well. But more on that when I have things confirmed for myself.

Until next time!

Change log:

Beta: 0.14.4: 

New Features:

-Improved Main Menu.

-New Sub-menus for Campaign and Zone Patrol.

-You can now begin a new Campaign at any time from this menu.

-Complete overhaul of Zone Patrol Quest System.

-New Patrol quests and dungeons. 

-Added Mission Debriefs when returning to the Hub level after completing Conscript Missions.

-New conscript mission that can be unlocked in Zone Patrol.

-New weapons, anomalies, and enemies in general.  

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed a bug where AI would sometimes ignore enemies if other friendly NPCs were nearby. 

-Fixed bug that was causing highlight effect not to work on Op Earhorn.

-Fixed objective indicator in Op Earhorn to not show several decimals when displaying its health. 

-Fixed bug where the leaves of some trees could block bullets on Rail Head.

-Fixed bug where the compass was still visible when ‘Naturalist’ is active.

-Made it so that props on levels like ‘Gas’ and ‘The Breach’ should no longer disappear or act strangely when bringing them between different locations. 

-Made it easier to move metal sheets in the underwater portion of ‘Tunnel Vision’.

-The Shard Rifle should now be able to damage power cores in power sockets. 

-Fixed bug where NPCs would constantly speak their agro lines when unable to see their target. 

-Fixed bug where some NPCs would leave their hats/hair floating above the ground when their rag-doll despawned. 

-Fixed issues where terminals could sometimes be difficult to use. 

Changes & Tweaks:

-Overall improvements to AI awareness. 

-”Conscript Missions” is now referred to as “Zone Patrol” in all menus.

-You can now reset your Zone Patrol progress from the start menu rather than the terminal in the Hub level.

-Complete redesign on the ‘Custodian’ Quest.

-Change to how ‘Operation ArrowHead’ is unlocked: It is now a separate quest.

-Changed a quest step for ‘Vault No. 8’ to remove dependencies from other quests. 

-Added a way to get into the secret room in Undermined.

-Removed Random objectives from Zone-Patrol and reintroduced them as short quests or as more organic discoveries. 

-Various polish and improvements to Ep 2 levels like ‘The Zone’ and ‘Cathedral’.

-Adjusted enemy and event spawn rates in Zone Patrol.

-Removed the ATV from Op Earhorn. (It was unpolished and added little to the experience.) 

-Changed how the grenade boxes work.

-Changed the ‘HedgeHog’ Anomaly’s name and attack.

-Made Operation Earhorn objective scale better with difficulty and added more health. 

-Props affected by ambient Poltergeist forces now emit effects in the hopes that they will no longer be mistaken as a glitch… 

-Various improvements to Poltergeists in general. 

-Improved detail on Zone Patrol Map.

-New bullet pass sounds for plasma and shard projectiles. 

-Various other changes and polish to weapon sounds. 

-Various polish and improvements to PFX and their systems.


-Added a photosensitive seizure warning after start-up splash screens.

-Improved Quest tracking and saving systems so that the Zone Patrol save file should no longer get corrupted between updates.

-Added better tutorialization of certain mechanics in Ep 1.

-Many, many other changes and improvements that I forgot to write down…



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May 12, 2022


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