Gold: 1.0.0:

It is done.

*(Well not really, there’s still going to be Ep 3 and Zone Patrol content updates in the future. But for now ADACA 1.0 is finished and released!)

New Features:

-Changes have been made to Zone Patrol. They can not be detailed as doing so would be spoilers. 

-Various polish and improvements to Ep 2 Levels. 

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed bug that was causing NPCs to sometimes not react to seeing enemies. 

-Fixed bug where being sent to Storm Drain via a rift could spawn you inside a train car.

-Actually fixed bug where some text in HUD would scroll off screen at high resolutions. 

-Sentry turrets now save their faction after it changes.

-Fixed more typos.

-Gave bayoneted weapons their Alt hint text.

-Fixed bug where the player could spawn with a loadout that they were not supposed to have.

-Fixed bug where the player’s body would fling itself wildly into the air after death. 

-Fixed bug that cause AI with Plasma Rifles to fire them forever. 

-Fixed bug where AI could get stuck in drop pods. 

-Fixed glitch that caused player to spawn under the floor in Power Plant in Zone Patrol. 

-Fixed bug where using the Ammo Bag equipment would not increase the max ammo you could scavenge from weapons on ground.

-Added solution to hopefully prevent player from dropping weapons after respawning.

-Added solution to hopefully prevent player from falling through the ground when starting the level The Breach.

-Weapon Name and Weapon Alt Tip should no longer wander off of the screen when playing at high resolutions. 

-Fixed various minor issues in Zone Patrol.

-Made smaller props no longer dynamically update Nav Mesh in hopes to improve performance.

Changes & Tweaks:

-Version tag is no longer visible in HUD

-NPCs will now move faster during combat.

-NPC voices are slightly louder.

-Companions in Zone Patrol will now teleport behind the player rather than randomly near them. 

-Picking up Sentry Turrets will make them stop shooting you. 

-New Shield visual effect that should no longer blind the player…

-Improved signage in the Zone to help with navigation. 

-Codex pickups now have a blinking light.

-Warning siren in Patrol gives longer warning before storm starts. 

-Tutorials will now explain how sidearm slots work.

-Artifacts will no longer produce a signal. 

-First cop in Ship Breaker will no longer turn around if they hear the player. 

-AI should move slightly more often during combat.

-Training Hologram AI should be more aggressive.

-Gave Health Packs a green light to make them more visible. 

-Lowered Minotaur Max Health and made them more aggressive. 

-Gave Minotaurs a crit spot on their back. 

-Nerfed the amount of damage the Slag Cannon does to the player.

-Made it so explosive damage does more damage to energy shields. 

-Added Health stations and supply crate spawns to Blue Caverns. 

-Hyper storms no longer bias towards hitting the player as often. 

-Hyper storms will no longer occur in BeachHead.

-Reduced Pulse rifle reserve ammo, but also increased minimum fire rate.

-Aggroed enemies will now call out their target to near-by allies more effectively. 

-Made certain scripted enemy spawns in campaign more directly enforce aggro on player.


-New background texture in terminal screens.

-Updated Credits Screen.

-Other misc improvements and fixes. 

Have Fun!

And thank you for playing ADACA!



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