Patch 1.0.5-1.0.6

Patch: 1.0.5:

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed bug that caused camera to freak out when firing a weapon straight up into the air. 

-Fixed more typos.

-Fixed bug that removed an objective item from the end of Operation Arrowhead upon 2nd playthroughs. 

-Fixed bug that allowed player to shoot through shield doors.

-Fixed some weapon SFX to make them play in 3D when used by NPCs.

-Fixed a few more places where the player can get stuck.

-Fixed a bug with Smart Rifle Projectiles. 

-Fixed bug that caused the Battle Rifle to steal ammo from Concussion Rifles. 

-Satchel Charge detonator switch will no longer cast giant shadows. 

-Fixed glitchy encounter with Merc Drones.

-Completion of the main quest in Zone Patrol will now mark off the Journal entries correctly. (You may need to replay the ending sequence for this to proc.)

-Companions will no longer follow you back to the Hub Ship.

-Companions can no longer get a particular particle effect permanently attached to their head. 

Changes & Tweaks:

-Made some puzzles in Zone Patrol slightly less ambiguous.

-Auto-saving and Quick-saving will no longer be allowed when the player is falling a great distance or is above a kill volume. 

 -Added a short tutorial after picking up the Phantom Goggles (NVGs).

-Each grenade type now has unique sound effects.

-Supply Crates will no longer spawn broken artifacts. 

-Footstep sounds now attach to the player’s feet so they no longer sound like they are behind you. 

-The area in Zone Patrol once known as ‘Cathedral’ has been renamed to ‘Power Plant’ to avoid confusion.

-Shield and Damage screen effects no longer have baked in motion blur. 

-Major Lu should no longer force you to select Zone Patrol on the mission-select after your first outing. 

-Player will now hold large objects slightly closer.


-Added setting to turn Radio subtitles on and off.

-Added the ability to reload level in Zone Patrol.

-The hot key to delete save progress in DeBug mode has been disabled. 

Patch: 1.0.6:

Bug Fixes:

-All personnel aboard the Hub Ship will now appear in Phantom Rifle Scope.

-Fixed bug that caused the player to load back into the Hub Ship rather than BeachHead if they did not confirm a mission beforehand. 

-Fixed more typos.

-Fixed a couple more places where the player can get stuck.

-Fixed bug that allowed the Assault Rifle to keep firing when switching to Grenade Launcher Mode. 

-Other minor bug fixes.

Changes & Tweaks:

-Added ammo capacity and slight damage buffs to a few weapons

-Saw to a defective ladder in Blue Caverns…


ADACA_1.0.6 2 GB
Aug 09, 2022


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Thanks for updating the game so quick after my post on Steam. As a reward I bought the game (yes, even at the +10 € higher price). I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun with this.

PS: Don't know why it's not there but you should put ONYX CLAD on Steam too so more people find out about that fun one as well.

Definitely agree with the PS. Onyx clad was awesome!