ADACA Beta 0.15.5 DevLog (Now with three Guns!)

We have come a LONG way since Spring 2020 when I started work on ADACA!

The finish line is in sight for the 1.0 Steam release!

But first, a LOT of play testing needs to be done on what will hopefully be the final Beta build!

What's in said build you might ask?

 Well just a 99% feature complete video game, that's what:

Play it now:

Wishlist on Steam:

Beta: 0.15.5:

New Features:

-The player now has 3 weapon slots! (One being reserved for sidearms)

-The player can now spend collected Artifacts at various vendors around the Zone for weapon unlocks, equipment and Lore Codexs.

-Any weapons or gear bought with artifacts can now be accessed in a new Armory room in the Vakt Ship and can be taken into Patrol or any Conscript Mission!

-New Zone Patrol Quests.

-New Zone patrol Locations.

-Main Quest for Zone patrol is complete!

-New Zone patrol NPC quest givers.

-Artifacts have been hidden in Conscript missions.

-New enemies.

-New weapons.

-New secondary tutorial level added to Zone Patrol for those who wish to play it before the Campaign.

-The player character will lower their weapon during dialogue where that action would be appropriate.

-The player can now lower their weapon by holding the Use key.

-Better time-of-day audio effects for Zone Patrol.

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed glitches caused by 2 signal scanners existing at the same time on one map.

-Fixed some Misc typos.

-Removed an errant Post Process filter on Operation Earhorn that was causing graphical issues.

-Improved LODs for high poly models to improve performance.

-Fixed glitches involving Holo sights used at high FOVs

-Fixed the Crossbow. It's not horribly broken anymore!

-Trap Anomalies will no longer consume bullets that trigger them.

-Fixed a glitch that was causing a bunch of ragdolls to spawn at the center of a map after loading a save.

-The player will now leave the scoped in view when they die.

-Fixed glitches where the Naturalist modifier would cause some sound effects not to play.

-Fixed more glitches with enemy AI.

-Fixed some messy hit-boxs…

-The unmarked soldiers will now cause the player’s ridicule to turn red when aiming at them.

Changes & Tweaks:

-Updated Zone map.

-More artifacts have been hidden in the Zone.

-NPCs will now look for cover when panicking.

-Hyper Storms will now cause NPCs to panic.

-New minimalist HUD Mode.

-NPC companions will now teleport near the player if they get too far away.

-Added setting to turn off prop highlight.

-Added setting for instant Dialogue text.

-Advancing Dialogue text that is still scrolling will prompt it to complete instantly.

-Added setting to reduce view-bob from movement.

-The hatch to the Concrete Forest will stay opened after entering and leaving the area.

-Finalized the Companion system in patrol: Companions will now be unlocked through quest progress.

-Important locations like Quest Givers will now be marked on the Zone map after being discovered.

-Replaced grass footstep sounds with better sounding ones.

-Flares are now much brighter.

-The Flare Gun has been re-introduced into the loot table.

-AI will now do normal damage to other AI. The damage debuffs on weapons will now only apply to when AI are targeting the player.

-Some weapons have gotten buffs to damage and or ammo capacity.

-Wooden boards will now break in one hit when using Force Punt on them.

-Security Droids now have crit damage for head shots.

-Monsters and Anomalies are more likely to spawn at night in patrol.

-Removed excess props from Storm Drain and Junction 06 to improve performance.

-NPCs will now face each other when talking.

-Psy attacks will no longer do permanent damage to the player’s health.

-Redesigned an annoying dungeon encounter to make it less annoying.

-General polish made to Ep 2 levels.

-The Haunt is now even more spooky.


There is a known issue where playing the game on FullScreen Mode at a Resolution ABOVE your display’s max resolution WILL cause poor performance and graphical issues!

Please ensure you have selected a proper resolution for your display!

-Addressed Steam Support feedback.

-Removed listing for Controller Support on Store Page.

-Full menu controller support has been postponed until after launch.

-Keys 1, 2, and 3 now select the Sidearm, Wep A and Wep B slots respectively.

-Scrolling up is now the default control for switching to previous weapon.

-V is now the default key for switching Grenade type.

-A text tip describing the currently equipped weapon’s alt fire will now appear where the second weapon’s ammo would appear on the HUD.

-The Info Terminal has more information.

-A secret that never existed now does.

-He never left, he didn’t die, he’s just been hiding.

-Those stairs are not an entrance, they are only an exit.

-The chair is not empty.

-A friend has returned.

-Only cheaters press Ctrl+Backspace…


The road ahead is now mostly networking and last minute marketing for me!

If no problems arise in testing I'll be ready to announce the final release date soon!
(Spoiler: its not a long time from now...)

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Jun 30, 2022


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I’m really excited! You’ve come a long way, and 1.0 is on the horizon!

Also three guns is a very nice addition. That’s gonna be fun.