Patch 1.0.3

Patch: 1.0.3:

New Features:

-Added a new directional indicator when taking damage. 

-Sharp objects should now stick into NPC’s bodies when they are impaled with them.

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed a buggy ladder in Undermined.

-Fixed a glitch that caused the use prompt to appear, allowing you to “pick up” weapons off your own back after respawning.

-Fixed over a dozen obscure areas where the player could get stuck/soft-locked. 

-Fixed glitch that caused the Tier 1 card not to work on a particular door immediately after you pick it up. 

-Fixed a bunch of typos.

-The prompt “Hold E to Skip” should no longer get stuck on screen after skipping through dialogue. 

-Uncapped frame rate should now actually work. 

-Fixed a bug that was causing a quest hint to still appear after that quest was completed. 

-Fixed a glitch that caused Berserkers to deal far too much damage to the player with one sword hit.

-Fixed a bug where exiting a secret level would cause you to always respawn at the same point after loading a save. 

-Fixed bug where you would sometimes not retain ammo after swapping a weapon out for another that shared that ammo type.

-Fixed messy collisions with rock walls in Bridge Too Far.

Changes & Tweaks:

-Added option to cap frame rate at 240 fps.

-Custodian Terminals will now draw more attention to themselves during the quest.

-Lowered the health of Conflux Servators and increased their hit-boxs. 

-Made a puzzle element in The Breach easier to spot. 

-Adjusted the timing of an enemy spawn in Cathedral so that it felt better paced. 

-Put something in a hard to reach spot in NecroPol.

-Retooled the Merc Drone to be more aggressive. 

-AI will now agro on suspicious noises if already alert. 

-Made an important element of progression in the level The Zone easier to spot. 

-Added a missing physics volume to the water at the bottom of The Cistern. 

-Reduced reflectiveness of Reflex Sights when aiming. 

-Added subtitles to radio.

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Aug 02, 2022


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