ADACA 1.1.5 Update

Update: 1.1.5:

Stable Build

New Features:

-New Zone Companion! 🐾

-Companions should now retain their weapons when traveling between areas in Zone Patrol.

-New weapons!

-New Enemies!

-More weapons now available for purchase in Patrol!

-New Patrol Quests!

-New Zone NPC.

-New [REDACTED] in Playground!

-New enemy incursion mechanic in Zone Patrol!

-New dungeons in Zone Patrol!

-More artifacts hidden in Zone Patrol!

-NPCs will now always flinch when hit.

-Hitting the Journal Key in Campaign will now help remind the player of their current objective. 

-More reactive scenery.

Accessibility Features:

-New auto fire setting for semi-auto and burst weapons.

-Setting to turn off Weapon Sway.

-Slightly increased player jump-hight to make crouch-jumping less critical for main level routes. 

-The Radiant’s projectiles are now slower.

-The head-bob option will now also turn off strafe-leaning.

Bug Fixes:

-The game should now work correctly in Ultra-Wide ratios.

-Fixed some music bugs.

-Fixed broken Nav Mesh in Theocide.

-Fixed bug that would cause AR to fire a grenade in error.

-Subtitle option should now stay set between sessions. 

-Fixed mislabeled location on map.

-Added ability to proceed through end of Tunnel Vision if conversation with Gomez glitches out. 

-Fixed bug with assigning particular keys to your movement axis. 

-Fixed Kelly’s broken path-finding on The Breach.

-Fixed issue where Ammo Bag equipment wouldn’t work with some weapons. 

-Fixed T2 Key Card glitch (hopefully)

-End event in Vault 08 should no longer trigger again when returning after completing the relevant quest.

-Fixed glitch where Operation Earhorn could overwrite Campaign save file. 

-Fixed sequence break in Power House.

-Fixed more typos.

-Fixed an incorrect Quest tool-tip.

-Fixed some broken collisions for a few assets. 

-NPCs can now use partial paths instead of out-right aborting tricky path-finding.

-Player should now always die when falling out of bounds in Tunnel Vision. 

-Husks laying on the ground in ambush will now take damage correctly. 

Changes & Tweaks:

-Removed pointless key-card puzzle from Theocide. 

-Various balance tweaks to some weapons.

-New Sound FX.

-NPCs will now have a more pronounced reaction time before firing. (Scaled with difficulty)

-NPCs are less accurate across the board. (Scaled with difficulty)

-Edited some of Rook’s quest dialogue to make it more clear. 

-Phantom Vision Goggles can now be purchased in Patrol. 

-Made weapons in VAKT armory easier to see. 

-The Grenades now have smaller hit-boxes to avoid them colliding with close corners when throwing them from cover. 

-Energy weapons can now pick up energy ammo packs. 

-The player can no longer pick up massive logs.

-Hid more rare weapons around in Ep2.

-Added throwable rocks to the wolf den in Undermined. 

-Buffed the Frag Grenade.

-Replaced cops at the end of Undermined with Mercs to avoid narrative confusion. (It didn’t make any logistical sense for there to be cops in that building at that time.)

-Electrical anomalies will now temporarily shrink in size after being triggered. 

-Juiced up some of the PFX.

-Many other small tweaks and changes.

Going forward, development will be more focused on Episode 3!

Thank you all!


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