Avarice DevLog 6 [Alpha 1.2.0 Update]

A new update to the Alpha for Avarice is now playable: https://siris-pendrake.itch.io/avarice

This update features a whole host of new content and changes to gameplay!

Change Log:

-Added 3 new rooms:

The Cistern

Rust Wastes

Concrete Forest

-Pathways have been opened to allow for more non-linear exploration. (There is currently no end game in this build.)

-Added access to  a new weapon: The Railgun   (There might also be another one hidden somewhere...)

-Two new enemies can now be encountered in the Concrete Forest

-Some changes were made to the existing NPCs

-Pistol's accuracy has been nerfed in an attempt to force player into more aggressive combat styles.

-Shotgun's primary fire has been buffed and its alt has been replaced with the ability to fire both barrels simultaneously for double damage at close range.

-The player can now HOLD Space to clamber rather than double tapping. The clamber animation has also been slowed down and made less jittery. 

-Several minor enemy bugs have been addressed.

-Flashlight has been given a longer range.

-Names of important zones will appear on screen when entered. There is currently a bug where they will also appear when re-spawning of saving at a safe room.

-A bunch of other miscellaneous little tweaks and bug fixes have also been made.

Known issues and planned additions:

-The ability to press Esc to exit menus will be added in the future.

-An FOV slider is planned as well as a few other settings options.

-Key rebinding is planned for the future but may not be added for a while.

-An overhaul for the HUD is planned.

-Some enemies seem to have inconsistent agro ranges

-One level is known to cause the game to freeze, this is being investigated.

-Some mobs have janky animations, they will be subject to polish in the future. 

-Some levels lack ambient sound effects, they will be added soon.

-The first quest line is planned for the next update! Two more are also in two works!

-Several new rooms are also planned and will be added in the following updates. 

Until all that, have fun exploring the new environments! 



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