Avarice DevLog 7 [Alpha 1.2.1 Update]

-Altered Working title to 'AVARICE: THE MACHINESCAPE'  to better distinguish from other games.

-There is a new main menu (work in progress)

-Ammo for guns you don't have will no longer drop from enemies.

-Moving platforms now make sound.

-A new enemy has been added.

-Existing enemies have been slightly polished.

-A message instructing you to heal will appear when you reach low health.

-Fixed a glitch where a door that leads to levels that do not currently exist would send the player to the main menu.

-A new quest has been added.

-Added a Melee ability to the game: R to MELEE

-A Save-room has been added right after the Lower Adit.

-Fixed the mesh for Railgun Ammo.

-Increased all weapon ammo caps.

-Fixed an annoying hit-box in one level.

-A couple new rooms have been added.

-Sound has been added to rooms that were previously silent.

-The content of some rooms have been altered in various ways.

-New particle effects have been added.

-Buttons in the room between The Lower Adit and The Concrete Forest now save if they've been pressed. 

-The Railgun Scope is now in color, it will likely be altered further in the future. 

-Small changes to the HUD have been made.

-Additional small tweaks and bug fixes have been made.

-Further content is planned for the near future.

-Please note that Avarice: The MachineScape is a work in progress and content is subject to change.

Enjoy the update! See you again soon!



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