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Decend into the Machinescape in this RetroFuture, Horror Dungeon-Crawler · By Siris Pendrake


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Development Paused
I have decided to pause development on Avarice The Machinescape until further notice. The decision was not made lightly, however I simply lack the drive to work...
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Avarice DevLog 8 [Alpha 1.3 Update]
The update features new gameplay content. You can play it here: -Increased recharge speed for pistol. -Added several new...
Avarice DevLog 7 [Alpha 1.2.1 Update]
-Altered Working title to 'AVARICE: THE MACHINESCAPE' to better distinguish from other games. -There is a new main menu (work in progress) -Ammo for guns you d...
Avarice DevLog 6 [Alpha 1.2.0 Update]
A new update to the Alpha for Avarice is now playable: This update features a whole host of new content and changes to ga...
Avarice DevLog 5 Alpha 1.1 Release
The first Alpha Build for Avarice in now in Early Access! Play it now: -If you find any bugs in the game, please report t...
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Avarice DevLog 4
Small progress update: -Upgraded to a newer, more stable version of Unreal Engine. -Added smooth crouch for player. -Refined Pistol's Alt fire, it now fires a f...
Avarice DevLog 3
General Content Overview for Avarice as of Alpha 1.0.4: Character Movement: -Basic walking and strafing using conventional modern control scheme. -Jump, crouch...
Avarice Devlog 2
(No idea what this is? Start at Devlog 1: ) A working title has been decided: Also a fair...
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Please report any bugs or issues you find while playing Avarice as a comment to this post.
started by Siris Pendrake Feb 26, 2020
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Have just played the Alpha - WOW! I really loved it! This game has REAL potential! Has a kind of oldschool vibe which I...
started by InFiLtRaToRz Aug 26, 2020
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You have a pretty good start with this game! Still in development New ideas can always be introduced in, making it more...
started by Marxxiez Mar 13, 2020
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